Alain Rumpf and his brevet card at the finish of the 2015 Transcontinental Race

My name is Alain Rumpf. I’m 49 and I live in Gryon, a village in the Swiss Alps with my wife Lillie and our young son Ben. When I was younger, I wanted to change the world; now I just share my life in the mountains to help fellow human beings leave their screens and get outside. I want them to live fun, sometimes challenging times that will inspire them to improve their lifestyle.

I have been riding my bike in Switzerland and beyond since I was 12. In previous chapters of my life, I was a mediocre elite racer and worked 20 years for the UCI, the world’s cycling governing body. I attended many meetings, wrote and rewrote countless rules and met awesome people. I also ran a bike race in China that everyone has forgotten about now.

In 2014 I lost my job and decided to leave the corporate world to become a professional bike bum. An ambitious career change that sees me work as a bike guide, photographer, writer and cycling tourism consultant for brands, media and destinations.

Past and present clients/partners include: Switzerland Tourism, Valais Wallis Promotion, Graubünden Ferien, CyclingTips, Vélo Magazine, RoadBIKE Magazin, Cycling Plus, Velocio, Scott, Julbo, Strava, Apidura, The Col Collective and Chasing Cancellara.

As part of the ALPSinsight collective, I run Switchback, a website that features our favorite rides in the Alps and beyond: a mix of classic loops and hidden gems we discovered by riding with local friends.

In a nutshell: I am a middle aged guy who is lucky enough to balance his time between family life and sharing experiences that make people happy.

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