This is not about my awesome day out

This is not about my awesome day out

February 9, 2021

This post is not about another awesome outdoor experience I had. Like yesterday, where I had a great workout and skied perfect snow on my local mountain (photographic evidence above). Nope. 

Today’s weather forecast was sub par so I thought it would be OK to squeeze a bunch of video calls in my schedule. I did a decent job as I ended up having 5 different meetings between 10am and 5pm. I must have spent 4 to 5 hours talking to my screen.

I know, it’s way less than what many people living in our digital societies are experiencing right now. So you should feel sorry for them, not me.

Anyway, you know the deal:

What’s the weather like where you are? (grabbing laptop and trying to point it towards the window but showing us their wall instead) 

Why is (name of participant) not joining? Email him. Message him. Call him. Oh, you can’t log in? That’s weird. Let’s all log out and come back to see if it’s better (fortunately, it was)

Hey, I can’t access this google doc. Can you share it to my other email address? 

(incoming email sound). Mmmh, can I read it and pretend I’m still listening? Maybe if I keep my face pointed at the camera and just move my eyes. (everyone in the call saw it of course. And didn’t say anything, they do it too)

Guys, I’m sorry but I have another call coming up in 5. Can we leave this here for now and schedule another call to continue?

Etc etc.

All of this looking at pixelated images of other humans sitting in their living room. With or without a funky background image.

Tonight my mind is numb. My ears are buzzing. My body hurts from not moving.

Folks, this is the beginning of the end of our civilisation. And don’t tell me it’s because of lockdown and our governments are doing it all wrong. We all know this will continue when we are back to the new normal, as we call it.

So… Forget the super tuck position. Ban serial video calls. Now. And save the world.

PS: sorry for anyone on my calls today, especially the later ones. I’m usually a way more fun dude. Oh, and you were not the one reading emails. I was.

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